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Opening The Doors of Technology

AI-created image that shows multi-colored light streaming through opening doors
Midjourney: light streams through doors opening revealing a technology utopia on the other side

If you’re reading this you’re very likely among the privileged earthlings who can describe themselves as Technologically and Digitally Literate. You, me and probably most people we associate with regularly are riding the wave of a revolution in how humans communicate and interact. It’s been an ongoing revolution for the better part of the last 45-50 years, with phases marked by the invention of the personal computer, the establishment of the internet and the introduction of the smartphone. And within our connected world it’s often hard to believe that there’s a huge portion of the race who are still essentially standing on the sidelines of this revolution.

The global need to do something about Technology Literacy and Digital Illiteracy has been well identified. And global advocacy organisations, like DQ Institute and Global Digital Literacy Council do exist doing important work. But there are not enough providers deploying solutions that will make actual impacts. OnRamp Academy stands to change that. And we’re starting with the group who’s both most desperate and most neglected – seniors.

The epidemic of technology illiteracy is especially urgent for older adults. Whether the scale of the problem is something you’re familiar with or not, we all know that seniors as a whole struggle to use technology. And with so many aspects of modern life now relying on the internet, seniors are suddenly ill-equipped to carry out the fundamental functions of life that they used to. Whether it’s buying goods, hiring services, connecting with others or managing health & wealth, seniors are struggling. And few organisations out there are willing to help them. But OnRamp Academy is.

OnRamp Academy functions assuming that, despite their generally low technology skill, seniors are adult learners. And as such, they’ll learn best when scientifically proven adult learning principles are applied. Specifically, seniors (like all adults) will learn best when:

  • they’re active participants,

  • in learning that’s self-directed,

  • flexible to their needs,

  • applicable to their personal lives,

  • and in collaboration with a human instructor, who can offer feedback and guide them into their zone of proximal development – gently challenging them but not frustrating them.

Sound sensible? We think so. But there’s also special accommodation that seniors need – chiefly, compassion, patience and respect. This is what we specialise in.

We believe that by designing and deploying effective solutions to Technology Literacy and Digital Literacy to those who are least capable and most on the fringes we will be creating solutions that will work across humanity.

This is our mission: opening the doors of technology to as many people as possible. This is what we’re founded to do. Let’s go!


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