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In-Person Mac Tutoring

Tackle any topic on your Apple Mac computer


This session is designed to help you tackle any topic of your choice on your Apple Mac computer – you get to choose!
Most skills cannot be learned entirely in one session, but 60 minutes is a good duration when learning something new – any longer and you stop retaining what you're shown.
Gaining mastery on a topic may take several sessions. But we commit to taking notes (and giving you homework) so that you're always moving forward.

Please note:
This is a learning session, NOT a tech support session.
If you're having problems with your technology functioning correctly we can talk through the issues, but you will likely need to turn to Apple or a service technician to get it fixed. We can get you pointed in the right direction.

This in-person service is provided within 40 kilometres of Port Macquarie, NSW Australia.

In-Person Mac Tutoring

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