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Introductory Session

FREE - Ask questions, meet your tutor, set some goals


We want you to have a great start with OnRamp Academy. That’s why your first session is free.
It’s a chance for you to meet one of your tutors, ask all the questions you have about how our service works and discuss what you’d like to learn.

Your tutor will get to know you, understand where you’re at with technology and where you want to go, and make sure your device is ready for your first tutoring session.

Then afterwards you’ll receive a personalised syllabus based on the goals you discussed with your tutor, and invitation to book your first learning session. The syllabus is designed just for you, and can serve as a roadmap for your technology journey, outlining the specific skills you can learn over time with your tutors to achieve your goals.

This first session is done over FaceTime (or Zoom if you have it set up).

Introductory Session

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