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Online iPhone / iPad Tutoring

Tackle any topic on your iOS device


This session is one dedicated hour to work on learning any topic of your choice on your Apple iOS device (iPhone or iPad) – you get to choose!
This session is held on a Zoom video conference using screensharing so your tutor can see your screen.
Most skills cannot be learned entirely in one session, but 60 minutes is a good duration when learning something new – any longer and you stop retaining what you're shown.
Gaining mastery on a topic may take several sessions. But we commit to taking notes (and giving you homework) so that you're always moving forward.

Please note: this is a learning session, NOT a tech support session.
If you're having problems with your technology functioning correctly we can talk through the issues, but you will likely need to turn to Apple or a service technician to get it fixed. We can get you pointed in the right direction.

Online iPhone / iPad Tutoring

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