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Smart Home Technology Tutoring

Get help setting up and learning to use smart home gadgets


Need some help setting up your new smart home gadget? This session aims to get you there.
We'll help you unbox, setup and learn to use your tech.
We may or may not be familiar with the device you're needing help with. So please be sure to let us know the make and model of what you're setting up in our booking form.
Depending on the complexity and number of devices you're setting up, more than one session may be needed.

Please note:
This is a learning and setup session, NOT a tech support session.
If you're having problems with your technology functioning correctly we can talk through the issues, but you will likely need to turn to the manufacturer or a service technician to get it fixed.
We can get you pointed in the right direction.

This in-person service is provided within 40 kilometres of Port Macquarie, NSW Australia.

Smart Home Technology Tutoring

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