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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about OnRamp Academy’s services.

  • What is OnRamp Academy?
    OnRamp Academy is a company that delivers personalised technology tutoring, primarily over the internet. We’re also a research organisation studying the challenges created by technological illiteracy and digital illiteracy, in order to design solutions to impact the problems on a global scale. We have a lot of experience teaching people how to use technology. And our methods are based on our proven learning tenets. Proven Learning Tenets Our experience to date teaching people to use technology has demonstrated these learning tenets to be both effective for creating tangible improvement in a learner’s ability to use technology, and help make them feel safe, respected and capable in the process. Individual Attention – one-on-one training sessions with one learner and one trainer. Learner-driven – the topic is always based on the learner’s personal goal or needs, and the pace is dictated by their ability and aptitude. Continuity of Learning – trainers maintain notes on learner progress so that each session builds on the one previous, working steadily towards their goals over time. Tactile Learning – the learner is always the one, hands-on, interacting with their device. Watching someone demonstrate how to do something and expecting that can translate into skills simply doesn’t work – hands-on instruction is fundamental. Human Interaction – human-to-human connection and communication is what seniors need even more than technology skills. This is never forsaken toward the pursuit of perceived objectives.
  • How do OnRamp Academy tutoring sessions work?
    Our tutoring sessions are primarily delivered over the internet using video conference screen-sharing software, like Zoom or FaceTime. Your first session is free – a 30-minute introduction for you to meet one of your tutors, giving them the opportunity to get to know you, understand your starting point for learning about technology, and establishing what you want to achieve through tutoring. After your 30-minute introduction you’ll receive an email with your suggested, personalised learning syllabus that will help guide your tutoring and make your sessions meaningful. What you and your tutors work on in any given session is always and entirely up to you. But we believe in working towards goals over time. And your personalised syllabus helps keep the tutor team focused on you and what you want to achieve. Then when you book a regular, 60 minute tutoring session you’ll receive a video conference link via email. And then at the scheduled date and time you click on the link to join the video conference with your tutor. You’ll also receive a reminder email the same day as your session. Once your session begins, your tutor will talk to you about what you want to work on in your session. And then we’ll use the screen sharing function of the video conferencing app so that your tutor can see your screen and guide you through learning to achieve things on your device – we believe that people learn best when they’re the ones who are hands-on with their technology. Your session will include 10 minutes of recap and wrap up at the end of your hour. Your tutor will give you some specific things to work on in your own time. Then, after your session is over your tutor will take some notes on what you achieved, and share them with the rest of your tutor team so that your next session can pick up where you left off and keep you moving forward.
  • What makes OnRamp Academy different from other technology training?
    There’s a few things that make OnRamp Academy tutoring different from most technology learning options. Personalised – Our sessions are always all about your specific needs with your technology. With OnRamp Academy won’t ever be learning about topics that aren’t useful to you. Your first, free consultation with a tutor is all about you telling us what your goals are for using technology. And every session after that is working towards those goals, bit by bit. Our tutors will always move at your pace, no matter how quick or methodical that might be. And if you every need to change what you want to learn, that’s absolutely fine. Individual Attention – We believe the best spaces for learning something new are quiet, focused spaces. That’s why our priority is on delivering one-on-one tutoring sessions. Human to Human Interaction – There’s a lot of power in the connection between students and teachers. That’s why you’ll work with the same tutors on a regular basis – you’ll get to know our team and they’ll get to know you. Tactile Learning – Learning technology must be a hands-on experience. We’re adamant about this. Watching someone do something on a computer is simply not nearly as effective as doing it yourself. That’s why you will be the one interacting with your phone, tablet or computer as often as is at all practical. Continuity of Learning – We take notes on what you accomplish, so that every session keeps you moving forward toward your goals.
  • What can I learn from OnRamp Academy?
    Our goal is for our students to become digitally literate. That means being capable and confident to explore the internet safely, and use their technology to learn, communicate and create. For learners who are new to technology we encourage laying down a foundation of understanding on the core functions and uses of your phone, tablet or computer. Then, as you become comfortable, we help you gain the confidence to explore new areas independently. And if you already have the basics down, that’s great – we can start from wherever you’re at. So what exactly can you learn with OnRamp Academy? The short answer is that you can learn to do anything your Apple devices are able to do out of the box, and more. If you have questions about specific third-party apps or social media platforms our tutors may be able to answer questions where they have knowledge and experience, or guide you where to find answers.
  • Can I choose the things I learn?
    Absolutely! In fact what you decide to learn is entirely up to you. Your first session, which is free, is a dedicated discussion with a tutor about where you’re at with technology, and the goals you have to learn more. And then, based on that chat, you’ll receive a personalised suggested curriculum that serves as a pathway of skills to learn that will lead you to your goals over time, at whatever pace suits you. But you’re always in control – if you want to change your long term goals, or even change the focus of any given tutoring session because of something you need to learn right now, that’s fine.
  • Can I try it first, before signing up?
    Definitely. Your first session is free. It’s a chance to ask questions about how OnRamp Academy works, for you and your tutor to get to know one another, to get a feel for how OnRamp works, ask questions, and form a plan for achieving your goals.
  • What devices can OnRamp Academy teach me to use?
    OnRamp Academy specialise in teaching our members to use Apple products, including iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. For online tutoring we require you to have an iPhones or iPads running iOS15.1 or later, or an Mac running macOS12.1 or later. Why those requirements, you ask? Because those operating systems afford us the ability to share screens without additional software so that you can be the one hands-on learning how to do things while your tutors guide you.
  • What do I need to get started with OnRamp Academy?
    To book an online Personal Tutoring session you must have: an Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS15.1 or later OR an Apple Macintosh computer running macOS12.1 or later, AND a reliable internet connection, AND an email address set up on your device that you can receive email at. To book an in-person Personal Tutoring session you must: live within a 50 kilometre radius of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, have an Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS15.1 or later OR an Apple Macintosh computer running macOS12.1 or later, AND an email address set up on your device that you can receive email at.
  • Why does OnRamp Academy only teach Apple products?
    We want to offer the best learning experience possible, and Apple’s products are the products we know the best.
  • Does OnRamp Academy provide in-person tutoring?
    Yes. At this time we do offer in-person tutoring in the region around our headquarters in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia.
  • What happens if I can’t make it to my tutoring session?
    That’s not a worry at all. Please just be sure to let us know that you won’t be able to make it. You can email us, message us, cancel online (or even ring us if you’re in Australia). +61422722539 Cancellations prior to 24-hours before the session time will be refunded. Cancellations within 24-hours prior to the session time will be credited. Cancellations within one hour prior to the session time will be credited 50%. No shows will not be refunded or credited.
  • Can OnRamp Academy help me with tech support?
    OnRamp Academy is a tutoring service designed to teach technology skills. We are not set up to offer technical support. If your technology is broken or needs service you will have to consult with your device manufacturer, service vendor or authorised service provider. That said, what we can offer is to teach you technology troubleshooting skills, that many times can save you needing technical support.
  • Who is OnRamp Academy designed for?
    OnRamp Academy specialises in tutoring anyone who is new to technology. Our methods and abundant patience make big technology goals achievable, no matter your previous experience level. And as you grow we can dial the speed of your sessions to match your aptitude, skill and ambition.
  • Does OnRamp Academy only tutor older adults / seniors?
    Definitely not. While our specific methods are particularly effective for anyone just starting out learning technology, like older adults, they’re equally effective for any adult learner. And we can dial the speed our sessions move to match your aptitude, skill and ambition.
  • How much do OnRamp Academy tutoring sessions cost?
    One (1) OnRamp Academy online Personal Tutoring session consists of a 50 minute learning period + 10 minute review & wrap up (60 minutes) costs $90. One (1) OnRamp Academy in-person Personal Tutoring session consists of a 50 minute learning period + 10 minute review & wrap up (60 minutes) costs $115.
  • Can I get an OnRamp Academy membership?
    Membership is something that we are considering offering. If you have an interest in a recurring membership please let us know by sending a message to
  • Can I participate in OnRamp Academy’s research?
    Absolutely. We have a long-term, multi-phase research strategy that you can read about here. Right now we are conducting our first two phases: 1.) market surveys and, 2.) structured pilot study. If you are already participating in OnRamp Academy tutoring sessions and are interested in participating in our structured pilot study please let your tutors know. Our market surveys are available for anyone who falls into our target categories to fill out. Older adults & seniors – anyone 65 or older. click here Carers / adult children – anyone who has an older adult in their life for whom they must provide care or support. click here Aged care worker – anyone who works in the aged care industry in any capacity. click here Healthcare worker – anyone who worked in the healthcare industry in any capacity. click here
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